Burger King — Douglas, GA

Service after the sale is a big factor in my purchase decision, the people at Ektos have impressed me with their results oriented culture. I am figuring an 18-24 month ROI.Brian Vaughn, Owner Operator


Building Type:
Free-standing QSR

4 Burger Kings in Douglas, GA

Business Issue:
Rising utility and maintenance costs

Why Ektos was selected:
Ektos offered the most thorough diagnostics and widest range of controls


Energy increase and demand
M&R expenses increase due to reactive service calls
No consistent and reliable ability to control HVAC thermostats


Ektos Energy Management System
Ektos Text Messaging service plan to alert for cooling & heating failures
Ektos Live
Schneider Electric Powerlink Panel to control individual lighting circuits, eliminating energy use after hours using programmable lighting


  • System installed overnight with minimal interruption.
  • Ektos techs discovered faulty circuits & 3 phase power imbalances during installation helping the owner save money and avoid fire hazards


Reduced M&R expenses due to proactive Ektos service calls
$7000 first year electrical cost reductions
Ambient indoor temperature increased from 69 degrees to 73 degrees, contributing to a majority of energy savings
Extended life of light bulbs
Solution was subsequently deployed across remaining locations and all are visible and managed on Ektos Live

Energy Savings

Energy consumption reduced in the first year of Ektos.

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