Tracks, predicts and responds to electrical demand

Saves energy and money

Automates temperature, lighting, refrigeration and water heaters



More than Smart Thermostats


Developed on Scheider Electric’s SmartStruxure platform





Multi-Level Access

  • Eliminate staff tampering by locking permanent setpoints
  • Separate security pins for owners, managers and staff
  • Temporary overrides give managers flexibility for comfort

Email/Text Alerts

  • Email and/or text alerts
  • Customize recipients and frequency parameters
  • Point to specific HVAC stages with issues

Multi-Level Scheduling

  • Comprehensive Control
  • Multiple Permanent and Holiday Schedules
  • Assign Equipment to Different Schedules (i.e. Openers, Closers, etc.)

Intuitive Interface

  • Color Touchscreen Display
  • Easy to Use



Written by Restaurant Specialists for Restaurant Specialists
Receives automatic system updates from Ektos

Expands and grows without installing a new system
Integrates or monitors old and new equipment

Increase return on equipment

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Performance Tracking Software
  • Improved Equipment Life
  • Lower M&R Costs

HVAC equipment life can improve up to 50% with Evia performance tracking software. More efficient runtimes and shorter, less demanding call cycles help avoid expensive replacement costs for compressors and other HVAC components. Evia assists in maintenance efforts with on-unit location and information when conducting routine maintenance or emergency troubleshooting.