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Evia Energy Management is built with the future of building automation technology and intuitive options for user interaction.

Explore: Automated Lighting

See how Evia’s automated lighting would work at your store. Hover over the image below and use the Left or Right arrows to change the time of day.

  • Evia uses individual automated circuits to control lighting. This is a key feature over most energy management systems, because it allows more lights to be turned off when they are not needed. In the evening hours, some lights can be left off — unlike most EMS where all outside lights come on at once.

Discover: Smart HVAC

Most EMS solutions use smart thermostats to control temperature. Evia uses a combination of smart thermostats, additional sensors and smart software to reduce the operating time of HVAC equipment without sacrificing comfort in the restaurant.

Evia tracks the performance of each operating state for every HVAC unit. The system can tell exactly how efficient the HVAC unit is for each stage of heating and cooling, and can send notifications to facility management when operating efficiency starts to fall off. Evia will pick up a change in performance and notify you to check the HVAC unit before a small problem becomes more severe!

Unleash: Demand Response

One of Evia’s most important features, demand response allows your restaurant to monitor and control its own energy consumption. Evia tracks the total energy demand and consumption of the restaurant over time, then adjusts the operation of HVAC units and lighting to compensate for high demand periods.

Demand response is important in 2 critical ways. Your energy consumption will be more consistent, and you will use less energy during times with high demand charges. If your local utility also has a demand response program, Evia will provide you with the tools to participate and save big on your utility bills!

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