About Us

Ektos is the first energy management provider that exclusively serves the restaurant industry.

Ektos CEO and founder Larry Barich, alongside McDonald’s operators, decided to tackle highest uncontrollable costs in energy and facility maintenance and designed an advanced system to run restaurants. Today, Ektos has installed systems in restaurants throughout the United States and Canada.


se_bms_partner_logo_biggerWho We Are

Ektos is a Schneider Electric business partner located in Woodinville, WA. We design, develop and provide energy management products for the restaurant industry nationwide. Our professional background and senior leadership stems from restaurant operations management.

“Our focus is restaurants, and it’s all we do. We’re proud to say we’ve been at it awhile and our customers think we’re pretty good at it.”
Larry Barich, CEO

Our Approach

Ask around about Ektos customer service and installation quality and you’ll find the Ektos team will manage all of your needs better than any other energy efficiency company.

Our goal is to save energy while saving you money. Save some Green with Ektos, and you will enjoy the benefits of a total service package — not just a box on the wall.

Our Mission

We strive to create the most advanced building automation systems and solutions on Earth, while building the most intuitive products for our customers. We believe the future of energy management requires better technology that is easier to understand and use.

Restaurants use the highest amount of energy per square foot of all commercial buildings. With our solutions, we can cut total building energy consumption by up to 25%. We have already saved an estimated $40 million in energy costs for our customers.

Ektos is a proud allied member of the Restaurant Facility Management Association.  We are committed to working closely with restaurant facility professionals to produce products that address needs unique to the restaurant industry.


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